Maternity Belt – tech Care Brand – Pregnancy Support – WaistBackAbdomen Band, Belly Brace (Beige, Size L)

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE: See 2nd product picture for HOW TO MEASURE then REFER TO SIZE CHART in product description below. Please measure from around your lower back to under your belly (slightly above the pubic area). Do NOT choose according to your maternity pants(trousers) size.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Just send the seller a message in your Orders section to get a free replacement of the same size OR DIFFERENT SIZE, or a full refund of your order!

FULLY ADJUSTABLE to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy! NEW reinforced hooks and loops fabric fasteners!

BREATHABLE fabric constructed of a multi-layered laminate with an ELASTIC lining. This product is designed for walking or standing position, when sitting we recommend to detach the hooks and loops fabric.



  1. Center the abdominal pad under your abdomen and attach with velcro with the desired level of support.
  2. Cut the velcro band that is labelled “Cut the extra velcro you don’t need” to keep a length that matches the border of the abdominal pad . The velcro band should cover the abdominal pad but not more.  As the belly grows and position of the velcro on abdominal pad changes, you might want to cut the velcro band again (more explanations below).
  3. Attach the velcro of the back support to the location on the abdominal pad that provides the desired tension.
  4. To help keep the support in place and keep from sliding down, stetch the top strap over your stomach and attach both sides to the velcro on the back support.


·Please wear as comfortable as you can, don’t tie up too tight !

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Maternity Belt – tech Care Brand – Pregnancy Support – WaistBackAbdomen Band, Belly Brace (Beige, Size L) Related Video: